Creativity, Design Thinking and Innovation

The objective of this module is to equip the participants with the creative thinking abilities, a tool which can be used to generate original ideas in any type of context. It also provides information about the innovation process roadmap and how to create one from scratch. The design thinking section focuses on understanding the human behavior dynamic and provides the latest trends on developing creative pattern behaviors dubled by a highly practical component.

Market Scanning and Research

During this module, the participants are exposed to knowledge regarding trends and market analysis. The practical benefit is the ability to create a specific framework which is a great tool for understanding clients’ needs and for developing the market segmentation strategy.

Product Management

The objective of this module is to give participants the main tools involved in the product management process: from defining a unique market value to developing the new product iterations and finally envisioning its life cycle. All these aspects are integrated into the product strategy process, which the participants will be encouraged to build progressively.

Product Marketing

The product marketing module is designed to help the participants create the product positioning strategy which will be applied to their specific project by practically working on the unique value proposition of their product. The brand strategy is another focus of this module and it is followed by strategies on all other aspects of the operational stage: pricing and distribution, communication, product launching and client-oriented culture.

Business Models and Organizational Design

The aim of this module is to complete the previous product development section by proposing a product focused business model. The participants will learn how to create an organizational culture that matches the desired type of company. The module also includes organizational management and leadership styles that generate team engagement while reaching the expected results.

Entrepreneurial Strategies

The main benefit of this module is understanding how to create the startup development strategy. It addresses the risk management process and the increasing competitivity strategy in order to build a scalable business.